The Machine Buys FISV Before Warren Buffett

Shares of ^FISV^ enjoyed a bounce on Tuesday as word spread that the world’s greatest buy and hold investor, Warren Buffett, had a taken new position in the stock in the second quarter, adding a $200 million investment in FISV to Berkshire Hathaway’s public equity holdings.

Fiserv is a Wisconsin-based business, specializing in financial transaction and account processing, as well as electronic billing and payments. FISV is a member of the S&P 500.

Traders and investors taking advantage of the new, quantified trend following strategies in The MachineĀ® have also been interested in FISV. But with one interesting difference.

Traders and investors using The Machine were alerted to the potential in FISV back in the summer of 2009 when one of three quantified trend following strategies in The Machine provided a buy signal for Fiserv Inc. That’s more than a year before news broke that the Sage of Omaha had decided to begin investing in FISV for himself.

Think about that: Traders and investors using The Machine were scaling-in to FISV more than a year ago. When FISV was 7% lower than it is now – not including today’s 2% bump.

This is what the quantified, high probability trend following strategies in The Machine are all about. What makes the trend following strategies in The Machine so powerful is that they alert traders and investors to potential opportunities in quality stocks in quality companies BEFORE many of these stocks and companies appear on the “buy” lists of institutional investors and market professionals like Warren Buffett.

But it’s not just Fiserv. The quantified, trend following strategies in The Machine helped traders and investors spot stocks like ^AAPL^ back in the summer of 2009, as well, only a few days after the quantified trend following buy signal in FISV. A few days after the Apple signal, The Machine was encouraging trend followers to consider opportunities in ^DPS^.

Take a look at where some of those stocks were trading a year ago and where they are trading now.

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