The Machine: New Strategies for 21st Century Trading and Investing

Without looking, do you remember when the Dow industrials crossed 10,000 for the first time?

DOW1999 Chart

The answer is the spring of 1999.

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It is now 11 years later. How many times have the Dow industrials crossed the 10,000 mark in the past month alone?

DOW2010 Chart

The Dow has basically gone nowhere in 11 years.

Think about all of the investing and trading advances in the market over those 11 years. There is more and better technology for trading and investing than ever before. There is more market knowledge for trading and investing than ever before. There are more money managers available to choose from than ever before – whether you are a short-term trader or a long-term investor.

There are any number of reasons why trading and investing performance should have been better. But when you take a look at the majority of portfolio managers, money managers and mutual fund managers and their performance over the past 11 years, not only has performance not surpassed with the mediocre pace of the Dow or the S&P 500, but in many cases, performance has lagged behind, sometimes critically behind.

And these are the pros. So how can the average trader and investor expect to take stock picks from fundamentals or news stories or macro economic data and outperform all those professionals who themselves are struggling to stay above water in a market that is virtually in the same place that it was 11 years ago?

For a growing number of traders and investors, the answer is The MachineĀ®.

Developed by Larry Connors and his team at The Connors Group, The Machine provides the tools for traders and investors to build quantified, backtested portfolios using stocks or exchange-traded funds (ETFs). Based on more than a decade of research, The Machine is the only resource of its kind that puts the power of a massive proprietary database of millions of equity trades at the fingertips of the average trader.

As robust as The Machine is, the software is remarkably straightforward to operate, with many traders and investors beginning to build quantified portfolios and scanning the market for the next day’s set-ups after just a brief introduction to The Machine.

Whether it’s a low volatility portfolio you want in order to outperform the market over the long haul, or a bear market portfolio to help you take special advantage of the current market’s bearish bias, The Machine‘s Portfolio Builder provides an almost endless variety of quantified, backtested strategies from which to build a portfolio that you control, a quantified portfolio of strategies that have historically produced the trading and investing results you want.

Trading with The Machine is like having your own MIT-trained quant desk at your side as you design the perfect portfolio to meet your personal trading objectives. Importantly, The Machine now includes quantified, trend-following strategies alongside its inventory of backtested, mean reversion strategies. Adding trend-following strategies to a mean reversion-based portfolio can be an excellent way to take advantage of those moments when volatility is low rather than high, as well as when markets enter extended bull runs.

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No emotion. No buy and hold. And no one else’s opinion. Just quantified research for data-driven trading and investing decisions that you control.

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