This Is Why You Should Pay Attention To A Narrow Range Bar

McAfee Inc (MFE) is
testing a support level
after pulling back from the May 31 high. The
stochastic is now in the oversold zone, and the stock may be ready for a
recovery rally.

10:04:45 (from TradersWire) The clock is
3 minutes slow.



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CC buy stop at 17.38 pullback 17.24 17.57 17.35


Helped by strong retail sector,
Circuit City
(CC) gapped above the upper Bollinger band at the open. Shortly
after 9:40, CC formed a tail and began to pull back toward the middle band. At
10:00 AM, the stochastic dropped into the oversold zone, and the 10:03 bar was a
doji (open=close). This could be a potential reversal situation. I placed a buy
stop at 17.38.


Follow up on CC (Pt 2)

The issue is now at the target price. Re-adjust your stop or sell your

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