Thursday Morning Coffee with TradingMarkets

Good Morning!

U.S. Markets Continue to Advance … Buyers Bid Health Care (VHT, XLV, IYH) Higher … Top Stock PowerRatings Stocks for Thursday Include: MAPP, BONT, DW … VIX Closes Below 10-Day Moving Average for Fourth Day … Dollar Bounces (UUP), Gold {GLD), Euro (FXE) Retreat … Top ETF PowerRatings Funds for Today Include: EWA, EPP, VWO …

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TradingMarkets 7 Stocks You Need to Know for Today

Here are 7 stocks for traders for today from

  • ^DELL^ Reports after the close with a forecast EPS of 27 cents.
  • Media powerhouse, ^CBS^, is forecasting an EPS of 25 cents after the bell.
  • Expect $1.12/share before the open from ^WMT^.
  • Tire company, ^GT^, hopes its loss does not exceed 6 cents/share before the open.

  • Gambling wizards, ^MGM^, announce before the open with a forecast EPS of negative 14 cents.

  • 68 cents/share is the consensus estimate for ^HRL^ prior to the opening bell.
  • ^WAG^ is buying popular New York City pharmacy chain, Duane Reade for $618 million.

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TradingMarkets 5 PowerRatings Stocks for Today

Symbol PowerRatings
Zygo Corporation ZIGO 9
MAP Pharmaceuticals MAPP 9
AirMedia Group AMCN 9
Sierra Wireless Inc. SWIR 8
Buffalo Wild Wings BWLD 8
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TradingMarkets Making Great Traders

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TradingMarkets Most Overbought and Oversold ETFs for Thursday

The following ETFs are the most overbought and oversold for Thursday’s trading as determined by the criteria in Larry Connors most recent book, High Probability ETF Trading. Among those listed is the iShares FTSE/Xinhua China Index Fund ETF, FXI.

Best of the Battle Plan: Trading Strategies for Commodity ETFs

When it comes to high probability ETF trading, our strategies have tested well with country, sector and commodity ETFs alike. Here are a few tips for traders applying our strategies to different types of funds.

TradingMarkets 7 ETFs You Need to Know for Today

Overbought Conditions Reign in ETF MarketsTradingMarkets

U.S. markets continued higher at midweek, with small cap stocks as represented by the iShares Russell Index Fund ETF, IWM outperforming their larger cap rivals in other equity index ETFs. < /p>

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