Thursday Morning Coffee with TradingMarkets

Good Morning!

U.S. Markets Resume Advance … Nasdaq Tops Dow (DIA), S&P 500 (SPY) … Top Stock PowerRatings Stocks for Today Include: RAD, UIS, GAP … VIX Stretch Below 10-Day Moving Average Grows Past 6% on Equity Bounce … Gold (GLD), Silver (SLV) Advance as Crude Oil (USO) Continues Pullback … Top ETF PowerRatings Funds for Thursday Include: TAO, EWZ, XLK …

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TradingMarkets 7 Stocks You Need to Know for Today

Here are 7 stocks for traders for today from

  • Chip giant, ^INTC^, is announcing after the bell on Thursday with an expected EPS of 35 cents.
  • 65 cents/share is the forecast number for ^WMK^ after the close on Thursday.

  • ^COOL^ has its eyes set on 7 cents/share after the trading day ends on Thursday.
  • Before the open, ^BGG^, announces with a consensus estimate of 6 cents/share.
  • ^SJR^ has investors awaiting an EPS of 33 cents prior to trading.
  • ^HSY^ has joined the fray to acquire ^CBY^.

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TradingMarkets 5 PowerRatings Stocks for Today

Symbol PowerRatings
China Sky One Medical Inc. CSKI 10
Diedrich Coffee DDRX 10
Genesco Inc. GCO 9
Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company GAP 9
Unisys Corporation UIS 9
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TradingMarkets Making Great Traders

High Probability Stock Trading with TPS

TPS is the most powerful strategy we’ve developed for trading ETFs. But TPS also works to help stock traders spot and trade high probability opportunities, as well. Larry Connors explains how to apply our Time, Price and Scale-in strategy to trade stocks and ETFs.

ETF Basics: What You Need to Know About Exchange-Traded Funds

Exchange-traded funds are an excellent way to trade markets in the short-term or invest in them for the long-term. But before you wade into the ETF waters, here is a basic introduction to get you started.

Haggerty: Anticipated Key Price and Time Zones

Don’t expect a sugar coating from Kevin Haggerty. This week’s market commentary includes a scathing rebuke of the Obama administration’s economic stimulus plan and the presumption that when measured correctly, the unemployment rate has actually surpassed the 20% mark.

TradingMarkets 7 ETFs You Need to Know for Today

Oil, Energy ETFs Remain Most Oversold as China, Hong Kong Funds PullbackTradingMarkets

Contrasting Tuesday’s aggressive selling action, buyers entered the market in force Wednesday pushing health care related ETFs like the Vanguard Health Care Fund, VHT, higher by trading day’s end.

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