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U.S. Stocks Pull Back Late Intraday …. Overbought Conditions Persist in Equity Index ETFs … Top Stock PowerRatings Stocks for Today Include: SORL, PDC, KAMN … VIX Stretch Below 10-Day Moving Average Remains Beyond 5% … Top ETF PowerRatings Funds for Thursday Include: ECH, UUP, KRE ….

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Get Leveraged ETF Setups with a High Winning Percentage

Introducing Leveraged ETF PowerRatings – A powerful rating system that ranks Leveraged ETFs on a scale of 1-10 to help individual investors find new trading edges. Built on a proprietary trading methodology, Leveraged ETF PowerRatings is a quantified and statistically validated rating system that has been backtested on over 17,000 trades and over 100 Leveraged ETFs from inception through 2009.

The concept behind Leveraged ETF PowerRatings is one of simplicity and effectiveness, yet behind the simple 1-10 ratings scale lies a heavily researched algorithm.

As shown by the simulated trades in our backtesting, a PowerRating of 9 has an average of 74% winning trades, and a PowerRating of 10 (the best rating for long trades) has an average of 79% winning trades from inception through 2009. That means nearly 8 out of 10 Leveraged ETFs with a PowerRating of “10” – the best rating – went up in price over the next few trading days!

Conversely a PowerRating of 1 or 2 indicates a likely downward price action, suggesting that ETF be avoided or shorted. PowerRatings of 1 on average lost 81% of trades over the next few trading days.

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TradingMarkets 7 Stocks You Need to Know for Today

Here are 7 stocks for traders for today from

  • ^TNK^ floats their EPS before the open with an expected figure of 17 cents.
  • Edgy retailer, ^URBN^, has analysts expecting an EPS of 40 cents prior to the trading day.
  • Hot and juicy burger chain, ^WEN^, reports before the bell with a forecast EPS of 3 cents.
  • 21 cents is the expected EPS for ^DLM^ prior to trading.

  • Muffler kings, ^MDS^, reports before the opening bell with a forecast EPS of 8 cents.

  • ^JOYG^ reported earnings beating most estimates today.
  • Orders are up big for furniture retailer, ^ETH^, who reported a 25% increase.

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TradingMarkets 5 PowerRatings Stocks for Today

Symbol PowerRatings
Pioneer Drilling Co PDC 9
Taser International Inc. TASR 8
SORL Auto Parts Inc. SORL 8
Innovo Group Inc. JOEZ 8
Wilmington Trust Corp WL 8
View More Stocks

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Connors: Moving Averages: Simple or Exponential?

A new subscriber to the Battle Plan recently sent me a question which I’m often asked. Find out which moving average
is best: simple or exponential.

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TradingMarkets 7 ETFs You Need to Know for Today

Chile and the U.S. Dollar Among Few Top ETF PowerRatings Funds for ThursdayTradingMarkets

Overbought conditions continued to characterize most equity index exchange-traded fund (ETF) markets at midweek leading to these select ETFs for Thursday’s trading.

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