Time For Puts?

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looks like it may be
forming three drives to a high and an inverted cup and handle. For the nimble,
look for buying opportunities in puts and put spreads here.

src=”https://tradingmarkets.com/media/images/Landry5/dot060401.gif” width=”470″ height=”320″>

Many other
technology related sectors, like the Nasdaq itself, have formed similar topping
patterns. Look for buying opportunties in puts and put spreads in these sectors.

src=”https://tradingmarkets.com/media/images/Landry5/otc060401.gif” width=”470″ height=”320″>

For you OEX traders, the Vix hit its lowest
level since February. Begin looking for buying opportunities in puts and put
spreads here.

src=”https://tradingmarkets.com/media/images/Landry5/vix060101.gif” width=”470″ height=”320″>

Best of
luck with your trading on Tuesday!

P.S. Reminder:
Protective stops on every trade!

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