Trader Linda Raschke: A Market Wizard at Work, Part 2

This weekend, we are featuring Part 2 of an extraordinary interview between the authors of Street Smarts. This June we aired a special live interview with Market Wizard Linda Raschke and TradingMarkets CEO and co-founder Larry Connors. Last weekend, we published Part 1 of that interview. This weekend, we bring you the rest of their fascinating conversation.

Don’t worry if you missed Part 1 – we’ve included both parts of the interview as part of this special free opportunity.

Find out how Linda Raschke plays short term moves in the stock, futures and E-mini index futures markets!

See how one of the classic trading set-ups “the Anti” from Street Smarts can be used by short term swing traders to trade or even day-trade successfully!

Learn what traits, habits and practices professional traders develop in order to separate themselves from the rest of the pack!

You are only one step away from the wisdom and insights of one of our generation’s favorite and most widely followed traders, Market Wizard Linda Raschke.