Trading to Win in 2013: An Interview with Dr. Bob Rotella

In 2006 we created the TradingMarkets Chairman’s Club. Chairman’s Club was intended to provide our most serious trading customers a means to gain access to our newest research and trading strategies. What started at 40 members has since grown to over 200 members and it remains the core of what we do.

In late 2008 we met as a group in Las Vegas. At the time the bear market was in full force and fortunately most Chairman’s Club members were in good spirits and also in good shape as many had hedged the market and/or had been profitable trading on the short side. We wrapped up our two-day meeting with a four hour presentation made by Dr. Bob Rotella. If you’re a golfer you know the name. Bob’s the performance coach for some of the most successful golfers in history. He’s also the performance coach for John Calipari, the head coach of the Kentucky Men’s basketball team, and the only head coach to lead three different teams to the number one seed at the NCAA tournament. Beyond that Bob has worked with Olympic athletes, one Cy Young award winner, along with working directly with some of the biggest names in business including at least one billionaire that I know of.

The following video is the recording of the first half of the Bob’s presentation to our Chairman’s Club members. It’s filled with incredible gems for success (plus some great sports stories). I must warn you, it starts a bit slow, the acoustics could have been better, and it’s sometimes hard to hear questions. But, there’s an incredible amount of real world wisdom here. And everything Bob discusses is not only applicable to winning at trading; it’s applicable to all aspects of winning in life.

(Please select the highest-quality video playback setting for optimal viewing.)

I hope you enjoy this recording. The knowledge here is a great way to enter 2013.

Have a Happy New Year.

Larry Connors