TradingMarkets Analytics is Now Live!

I’m happy to announce the beta launch of TradingMarkets Analytics. In the new TradingMarkets Analytics section you will gain access to an abundance of trading data throughout the day; some of which is not available on other financial websites or analytic packages.

If you click on the Analytics button in the upper left hand corner, it will take you to our new Symbol Detail Page. Type in a symbol of your favorite stock or ETF and you will gain immediate analysis for that company or ETF. As you scroll down, we provide you with key technical readings along with the security’s PowerRatings and its live Real Time Edge. You’ll also see its equity curve along with the monthly returns since its gone public or as far back as 2001.

When you click on the Risk Tab you’ll see the stock’s drawdowns along with additional information regarding the history of the stock’s trading.

Also new is the TradingMarkets Screener. The TradingMarkets Screener allows you to search for over 3000 companies by using key technical indicators. A special highlight of the Screener is also your ability to “Sort” by the indicator. For example, click on the 2-period RSI indicator and you will see it will immediately sort by the lowest RSI readings (most oversold). Click it again and the sort changes to the highest RSI readings (the most overbought). There’s an abundance of ways to use this information for your trading and we’ll begin teaching everyone on these ways as time progresses.

We have spent the past decade publishing research on the 2-period RSI which we have felt has been the single best indicator for traders to rely upon. I’m happy to announce that over the past year, we’ve found a statistically better indicator which we call “Connors RSI”. Connors RSI combines RSI, time, and recent price movement to give you a superior reading as to how overbought and oversold a security is. We’ll be publishing the formula along with the historical test results for Connors RSI over the next few weeks.

I hope you enjoy the new TradingMarkets Analytics section. We’ll be adding additional features along with Customized Watch lists in the near future.

To see the new TradingMarkets Symbol Detail Page, please click here.

To see the new TradingMarkets Screener, please click here.