TradingMarkets 7 Stocks You Need to Know for Monday: AMZN, MA, WMT, EXPE, SPLS, NFLX, MWW

Stocks pulled back on very light volume to end a shortened-trading day. ^F^ was among the few major stocks to make gains on the session. Shares of the stock closed higher for a second day in a row and up nearly 1% after a two-day pullback.

Here are 7 Stocks You Need to Know for Monday.

Shares of ^AMZN^, the leading online retailer, were little changed ahead of so-called “Cyber Monday. The stock had closed higher for five out of the past six trading days before Friday’s relatively standstill.

Down three out of the past four trading days on Friday was ^MA^ (below).

MA Chart

Shares of Mastercard pulled back by nearly 1% in trading on Friday. The stock has been trading above its 200-day moving average consistently since mid-October.

Also lower for three out of the past four trading days were shares of ^WMT^.

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Following-through to the upside for a second day on Friday was ^EXPE^ (below).

EXPE Chart

Expedia’s two-day rally comes on the heels of a three-day pullback in the stock.

^SPLS^ pulled back by more than 1% on Friday, the stock’s first selling since climbing back above its 200-day moving average on Monday.

Rallying to a new all-time high on Friday were shares of ^NFLX^ (below).

NFLX Chart

NFLX has closed in overbought territory for the past four days in a row, gaining well over 1% in Friday’s trading.

Shares of ^MWW^ continued to climb deeper into overbought territory above the 200-day moving average on Friday. The stock closed higher by more than 3%.

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