TradingMarkets 7 Stocks You Need to Know for Monday: ORCL, DFS, COF, VZ, RIMM, AXP, C

Stocks were little changed on a quadruple-witching Friday in late December. Leading the way higher among the blue chips were stocks like ^MON^, up more than 3% and Oracle Corporation. Read more about Oracle below.

Top stocks pulling back above the 200-day moving ahead of trading on Monday include ^FDX^ and ^PFE^, down two out of the past three trading days.

Here are 7 Stocks You Need to Know for Monday.

Shares of ^ORCL^ were up more than 3% on the final trading day of the week, rallying from a modest, two-day pullback.

Pulling back for a third straight session above the 200-day moving average were shares of ^DFS^ (below).

DFS chart

DFS appeared in yesterday’s 7 Stocks You Need to Know, as sellers were exiting financial stocks in general and credit card issuers in specific. The stock closed lower by more than 2% ahead of Monday’s trading.

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Shares of ^COF^ dropped for a fourth day in a row on Friday, closing back below their 200-day moving average.

Shortly after rallying to a new year-to-date high, ^VZ^ (below) may be coming under some profit-taking at the end of the week.

VZ chart

Friday’s close in VZ marked the stock’s most oversold close in a month.

^RIMM^ followed through to the upside on Friday, gaining well over 1% on the day.

^AXP^ (below) pulled back for a fourth day in a row in trading on Friday.

AXP chart

Although down more than 1% on the day, AXP is now trading at its most oversold levels since mid-November.

One day after closing in oversold territory above the 200-day moving average, shares of ^C^ were up more than 2% on Friday.

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David Penn is Editor in Chief of TradingMarkets