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The first day of the second quarter starts out with a bang as the Jobless Claims number and the ISM Manufacturing Index hit the morning wire. This final stock trading session of the Easter shortened week holds several key earnings releases and anticipation is running high for the Non-Farm Payroll figures on Friday. Midweek resulted in a bearish session across the board. Worse than expected employment figures from the ADP report combined with business activity missing estimates brought the bears out of hibernation. The DJIA gave back 50.79, led lower by Boeing and 3M. The tech heavy Nasdaq slipped 12.73 and the broad based S&P 500 fell 3.84.

Here are 7 stocks you need to know for Thursday.

Car selling juggernaut, ^KMX^, reports before the bell with a forecast EPS of 25 cents.

A solid $1.78/share is the expected before the open EPS for ^JOSB^.

Watch company, ^MOV^ is hoping its loss does not exceed 31 cents/share prior to trading.

A 19 cent loss awaits investors in ^RAD^ before the opening bell.

^SCHL^ reports before the open with a consensus estimated EPS loss of 12 cents.

^AXP^ wrangled the credit card business away from ^V^ for processing at retailers Macys and Bloomingdales.

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