TradingMarkets’ Top 5 Of The Day

Welcome to Top 5 of the Day!

In this nightly feature, the editors of
TradingMarkets select the 5 best and most insightful (and sometimes humorous)
excerpts from all of the articles and blogs that have been published throughout
the entire day.

Here are today’s selections:

Rob Hanna:

This is what could ignite a rally for stocks

areas like banking and retail have underperformed lately. This is no great
surprise with rising interest rates and falling consumer confidence levels. A
strong move below 128 in (RKH)
and 86 in (RTH)
would be a bad omen for the market and could lead to a pullback in global

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Dave Floyd:

In the next 24 hours, we could get these 2 entry signals

began seeing some intriguing technical patterns on the daily charts of some of
the FX crosses, most notable EUR/GBP and EUR/SEK…”

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Sara Conway:

It’s not too late to buy oil stocks, just follow this strategy

you are not already involved in the commodity side of equities, I think it is
fine to buy either an oil or steel or other metal type stock (natural resource
mutual fund or commodity driven one)…”

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Chris Curran:

Watch a big move form in this 6-month pattern

key issues to watch as we move into year-end are the following: the Fed, crude
oil, long rates, and the potential economic impact of both Katrina and Rita…”

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What NYSE specialists may already know about October

piece, as always, will focus on leading longs and shorts. I don’t really care
which side of the coin is played. I do not really see light and dark. The
objective eye just focuses on what is, without emotion. In this piece I will get
into a variety of stocks that are favorable long and short…”

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