>> Start Your Free Trial to Larry Connors’ Daily Battle Plan!

>> Start Your Free Trial to Larry Connors’ Daily Battle Plan!

For years, Larry Connors’ Daily Battle Plan has been a unique source of insight and guidance for short-term traders in exchange-traded funds (ETFs). Now Larry Connors has expanded his Daily Battle Plan to include more sophisticated trading and active investing opportunities based on the new quantified research from Connors Research.

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Every day you’ll get a Plan of Attack with Larry’s outlook for the upcoming day of trading. From market technicals to trader sentiment to insights based on decades of experience trading the markets, Larry Connors’ Plan of Attack will help you see market behavior the same way that veteran market professionals do.

But what’s most special about Larry Connors’ Daily Battle Plan is the addition of a variety of advanced, quantified trading strategies similar to those used by hedge funds and top Wall Street trading desks.

The Daily Battle Plan includes Daily ETF Setups for both regular ETFs for active investors, and leveraged ETFs and inverse leveraged ETFs for more aggressive traders. The Daily Battle Plan also prominently features the ConnorsRSI indicator in order to help you find the deepest pullbacks in the markets and help you zero in on securities due for the greatest rebounds every single trading day.

From Equity Pairs Trading and Covered Writes to Volatility Trading and “Special Situations”, Larry Connors will guide you step by step through the kind of unique, high probability strategies that professional traders and investors have traded and enjoyed for years.

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