Ultimate PowerRatings Report: TUES Turnaround, Tech Pullbacks in XLK, TYH, ROM

With markets following through to the downside to start the trading week, now is the time for PowerRatings traders to start making their watchlists and thinking about the buy side in top rated Stock PowerRatings stocks and ETF PowerRatings funds.


Among the stocks earning major Stock PowerRatings upgrades midway through trading on Monday are ^GLAD^ and ^AMLN^ But the one of the biggest upgrades of the day was earned by ^TUES^ (below), which was upgraded from a 6 and a 8 intraday.

TUES Chart

Tuesday Morning Corporation is a member of the retail category. Other stocks in this category include ^JCP^ and ^TGT^ – neither of which had earned a significant Stock PowerRatings upgrade as of midday.

Exchange-traded Funds/Leveraged ETFs:

Looking for the exchange-traded funds that are most likely to be higher five days from now?

Those ETFs earning significant ETF PowerRatings upgrades in trading on Monday are a relatively diverse set. They include the ^MDY^ on the one hand and the ^IBB^ on the other. IBB one of the largest ETF PowerRatings upgrades on the day, along with funds like the ^XLK^ (below).

XLK Chart

Related exchange-traded funds include the ^SMH^ and, among leveraged ETFs, the ^ROM^ and the ^TYH^ (below).

TYH Chart

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David Penn is Editor in Chief at TradingMarkets.com.