Ultimate PowerRatings Trading Report: Late Session Upgrades in Retail, Foods

Feel like the market rally has left you behind? Here are 5 stocks that earned top PowerRatings in trading on Tuesday and should be among those on your short term trading watchist for the next few days.

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5 PowerRatings Stocks for the Next 5 Days:


Shares of the upscale retailer have yet to recover from the sizable plunge they took along with the rest of the markets last Thursday. With a Stock PowerRating of 9, a rating the stock has held for the past few days, Liz Clairborne remains among the higher rated stocks going into trading on Wednesday.


Like Liz Clairborne above, shares of Louisiana Pacific Company have not bounced higher from the big sell-off last Thursday. If anything, LPX looks poised to potentially move lower still. If so, traders should be alert to the potential for a Stock PowerRatings upgrade in the stock.


DF Chart

Although trending lower for the past few weeks, DF (above) did not come under truly heavy selling until the past few days. This selling has produced the stock’s first top Stock PowerRating for some time. Despite the decline, however, traders may find it worth their while to wait for even further weakness – and a further Stock PowerRatings upgrade – before taking a taste of Dean Foods.


Volatility has sent shares of TSN reeling in recent days, with the stock falling as low as $16.88 and as high as $20 over the past four trading sessions alone. The stock has earned steady Stock PowerRatings upgrades to reach its current Stock PowerRating of 8.

A note here that applies to both Dean Foods and Tyson Foods. Another strategy for traders looking at newly upgraded stocks like Dean Foods is to use intraday weakness to take positions in stocks as they move even lower on an intraday basis. To learn more about trading strategies using intraday weakness, click here to read Larry Connors’ classic article on the topic, How to Find the Best Stocks to Trade Every Day.


IPSU Chart

Earning a Stock PowerRatings upgrade late in trading on Tuesday, IPSU (above) may be an overlooked opportunity for short term traders looking to pick up shares of an oversold stock. Even though IPSU’s Stock PowerRating has hovered around the 7 level for most of the past few days, the strong selling in the stock (IPSU has closed lower for the past six consecutive trading days) suggests that a more significant Stock PowerRatings upgrade may be right around the corner.

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David Penn is Editor in Chief at TradingMarkets.com.