Update From Chicago

from Chicago
to all my readers. I
write to say hello and to give you an update on where we stand regarding the
resumption of publication of my column.

I want you all to know that
we haven’t given up the ship. Far from it. I
have been working feverishly to square things away with the powers that be, so
that I can strap myself back into the captain’s chair and start publishing
again. I am happy to report that my
efforts have been fruitful, and I expect to resume writing regular columns again
in July.

Connors and Eddie Kwong of Trading Markets.com have been both incredibly helpful
and very understanding throughout this waiting period.
As have you, my readers. I
continue to get e-mails from regular readers who express their support and
desire to have me writing again. I cannot thank all of you enough. 

you know, as a member of the CBOE, I am obliged to submit everything I write to
a Certified Registered Options Principal (CROP) for review and approval before
it is published. While not a Draconian
regulation, this has proven to be a major hindrance nonetheless.
As you can imagine, this rule essentially hamstrings any efforts I might
have to produce a column that comments on the morning’s activities: by the
time I have obtained approval, it is the next day already!

good news is that the CBOE is allowing us to certify one of our own
people as a CROP. This will eliminate the
problem altogether. My colleague Bill
Winger (he has written some stuff for the column in the past you will recall) is
studying like mad to take the test. He
will take it in mid-July. Once he is
certified, we’ll have smooth sailing ahead.

thank you all again for being so patient, and I ask you to indulge me just a
little while longer. I have had some good
time to think and plan about how to improve the column, and as a result, I have
loads of good stuff to talk about.  Hang
in there with me…