Update on Volatility Spikes – Program Trades

A quick update on the Volatility Spikes Trading Program…

Since it’s release, several customers have provided us with very positive feedback and another has recorded 6 straight wins with returns ranging from 18% to 93%.

Volatility Spikes has given me 6 straight wins and I thought I would share my results. Thanks for all of your help and advice.


Here is a Small Sample of Feedback from Traders in the Volatility Spikes Trading Program…

“Volatility Spikes has helped me obtain winning trades of 37% and 49 % net gains respectively. Today´s results are some of the best in all my trading experience.”

“[The Volatility Spikes Course] actually exceeded my expectations in ease of use and simplicity yet provides dynamic and effective back tested results.”

“Really good research… you guys really hit it out of the park on this one.”

“I went ahead and exited on my spike trade. Made 150% on that one. Worked to perfection, again.”

About Volatility Spikes

This is the single best indicator, that Larry Connors has created, to fuel your trading. The benefits to knowing when Volatility Spikes are occurring are numerous. They allow you to confidently trade major market indexes, e-mini futures, ETNs, and they are especially suited for Weekly Options where one is amply rewarded when one accurately predicts the short term direction of the indexes.

For Full Details on Volatility Spikes,  please call 888-484-8220 ext.3 or 973-494-7311 for International.

Also you can watch a free informational webinar on-demand to learn more.


On March 22nd, We introduced  “Volatility Spike Limits”. Volatility Spike Limits are for those of you who can’t be in front of the screen at the close. The historical test results show the highest numbers on many metrics of any strategy we have ever released.  We have strategy variations which have been correct nearly 90% in SPY since 1994, and numerous variations have been correct 100% of the time since 2009.

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