Wait for this price action in NVDA before buying a breakout

Breakout Pullback Trade Follow-Up

Not always, but when a breakout pulls back, it can give you a
great chance to get into a trade at a bargain price. This was the case with our
December call backspread on NVIDIA Corporation
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back on August 12.
You’ll recall we identified a classic breakout from a ‘cup with handle’
formation, and then over the course of several days following the breakout,
watched the stock dip back into the handle region, as can be seen in Figure 1.

NVIDIA Corporation
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, which designs, develops and
markets graphics processors software for use in personal computers and digital
entertainment platforms, has since that time has rallied from 29.34 up to 34.23
(at the time of this writing), as can be seen in Figure 2.

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Figure 3 contains the details of the December call backspread
at entry and at current prices. As you can see, the December 25 was originally
sold for 5.00 ($500) and for the two out of the December 30 calls we paid 2.20
for ($220 each, or $440). This left us with a net credit of $60, which after
commissions would be our potential downside profit if we fell low enough, a nice
bonus to these types of trades since when these types of breakouts fail, they
can drop far.

But since NVDA has risen, the position has produced a profit
on the upside of $210, as can be seen in Figure 3. The current spread price has
moved from +$60 to -$150, so if we closed this trade, we would show a profit of
$210 (based on 9/29/05 settlement prices).

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This represents a profit of 36.8% on required margin for the
trade, which was $640. While there is potential for more upside profit (upside
profit potential is unlimited in a call backspread), it might be a good idea to
lock in some profit and not let remaining positions show more losses than you
have already realized. This way you have a “risk free” position in place for
potential win fall gains.


Entry Prices

Current Prices


Net Gain/Loss

-1 Dec 25 Call




+2 Dec 30 Calls





Figure 3 — NVDA December Call backspread current prices are
based on settlement 9/29/05.

Next week, I will look at some of the down gapper call spread
trades highlighted in previous articles.

Have a great weekend!

John Summa

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