What today’s action means to the US Dollar

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When Correlations Break-Down

Very odd performance on both AUD/USD & NZD/USD this AM. Typically, these 2 pairs
trade inversely with the dollar index (DXC) – i.e. DXC declines, these pairs

Today that is not the case. Not quite sure as to the reasons, although I suspect
it has something to do with the fact that the US, Australia and New Zealand have
very large current account deficits. Given that the FX market is beginning to
eye this as a potential problem (risk aversion) this may account for the
disconnect this morning.

The chart below shows a pink line representing the dollar index (DXC) with the
prices of AUD/USD in candles. Note the notations on the chart. You will see a
similar illustration if you pull up a chart on NZD/USD.

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