Why I think USD/JPY will retest the recent lows

Today I want to take a look at USD/JPY. The Japanese Yen has done some
very interesting things against all of the major currencies lately, causing all
kinds of volatility. Just look at the daily chart of EUR/JPY below and
you’ll see what I mean. Every time the market seems like it’s all settled
in to an uptrend something dramatic happens to knock everyone for a loop.

That has not been the case for USD/JPY, though. As the chart below
shows, the volatility over the last several weeks has been nowhere near as
prominent as in the crosses like EUR/JPY. That is an obvious function of a
general negative sentiment toward the Dollar, which isn’t something that’s going
away anytime soon.

Last week saw USD/JPY bottom out and rebound strongly, a move which continued
to start this week. Observe something very interesting, though.
Notice how on the day the market bottomed, it dipped down to a new low, but then
reversed quite sharply. Now look at Monday’s action – the second to last
candle. See a similarity? Yesterday the market surged to a new high,
then failed and ended lower.

My take on this is that just like that reversal last week announced a few
days of upward action, yesterday’s failure heralds what is likely to be a retest
of the recent bottom. It’s a bit too early to know whether we’re looking
at the early days of the next leg down in USD/JPY. It could just be a
consolidation marking the end of this decline. Either way, there’s a decent
selling opportunity setting up here, one with a nice reward to risk profile.

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