Will Crude Oil hit $100 per barrel?

In today’s Chart of the Day, we’re going to look at the

Momentum 5 List

This list contains the five strongest futures contracts as measured by our
proprietary relative strength model.

Top of the list for 07/14/06 was the September Light Sweet Crude Oil contract
(CLU6) that trades on NYMEX.

Crude Oil surged to a new all-time high today as the situation
in the Middle East appeared far from being resolved. If you look closely at the
two indicators below the price chart you’ll see that the 5-day RSI isn’t
confirming the price breakout to new highs — a potential warning sign. However,
the ADX is showing a strong trend is in place. Keep an eye on these indicators
next week for clues as to whether Crude Oil will be able to sustain its upward
momentum or not.

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$100 per barrel.

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