With the FOMC decision looming; know your technical levels

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While the technical levels below will remain valid during
today’s trading session, bear in mind that the ‘Current Bias’ column may not be
valid post-FOMC as price action will be volatile and the content of the
‘statement’ may well alter the current price direction.

Referring to
yesterday’s article you will notice how CHF/JPY
has begun to sell-off overnight – we still see lower levels in the days ahead.

The template below contains
‘support’ and ‘resistance’ levels for the major FX pairs – note these levels on
your charts and see how they can assist you in entering and exiting
trades. There are no ’24-Hour Target Trades’ for today as we do not see any
set-ups that meet that criteria due to the FOMC decision.

Wednesday’s FX Targets & Technical Levels

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