Yes, I’d Like to Attend the Free Webinar on Volatility Trading with Larry Connors on March 30, 2018

In response to the potential change in the market environment, I will be be holding a free trading strategy and research webinar on Friday, March 30 at 11 am ET. The webinar will run approximately one hour and we will be covering the following topics for you to learn from:

1. VIX and Volatility Trading – The VIX experienced one of it’s lowest annualized reading in 2017. Now that it has begun reverting to its mean in 2018, it provides us with an environment with new potential opportunities. Having published VIX research since 1995, we will look at repeatable VIX patterns in rising VIX markets and how to trade these opportunities.

I will also discuss and share the updated test results from our proprietary VIX Trading Spreadsheet which looks at the 1-month, 3-month, and 12-month returns of SPY based on where the VIX is trading each day. The updated historical test results are even more pronounced now. You will be able to immediately apply these findings to structure your trades accordingly based on the current market environment.

2. Volatility Trading Products – The world changed in February 2018 for the many volatility products that were brought to market. XIV imploded, UVXY (and others) lessened their leverage, and a number of post-Feb 2018 proposals are now in place. The good news is that we will walk you through the important aspects of these changes and, more importantly, show you the potential trading opportunities that they now provide.

3. Better Ways to Structure Your ETF Trades – If you trade the major ETFs like SPY, QQQ, IWM and others, I will teach you what I consider to be a potentially better way to execute these trades. This means you will be taking less risk while still enjoying the bulk of the potential gains when the ETF moves in your favor.

4. Risk Reversals for Hedging and for Asymmetrical Gains – Risk Reversals are a powerful, simple-to-understand options strategies that are used to either hedge a position or, if structured correctly, put you in the position to potentially achieve asymmetrical gains with fixed risk. At the webinar, I will teach you how to build risk reversal positions (it’s simple) and also provide you with the potential times to apply them.

5. ETF Market Timing – A handful of ETF strategies, some published over a decade ago, continue to do well. In fact, some have shown even better test results from 2009-2017 that they did when we originally published them in our book High Probability ETF Trading which tested them from 1993-2008. One strategy in particular has performed incredibly well. We’ll identify this strategy at the webinar and then apply new knowledge on how to trade this strategy.

By the end of the webinar you will leave with new research, new trading strategies, and new skills. Also, I will stay until the last question is asked. As you know, some of the best knowledge is gained when smart people ask great questions and I expect the same will occur on March 30.

If you would like to attend this free webinar, please sign up now by filling out and submitting the form above. I look forward to seeing you on March 30.


Larry Connors
The Connors Group, Inc.