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How I Trade Dead Cat Bounces, Part 1

The “Dead Cat Bounce” pattern may have a macabre name but it comes with very nice profit potential. TradingMarkets contributor John Jagerson shows you how relatively easy it is to identify this type of technical price pattern.

Stock Market Analysis and Fibonacci, Part 1

Fibonacci analysis can be used to set stops as well as timing entries, however, the most valuable information is what it can tell us about risk. Here are a few tactical concepts and tips to understand this essential tool.

Fringe Banking and Cash America International (CSH)

Fringe banking has grown substantially with millions of households with no banking relationship. For Investors, the volatility within this consumer market, and especially with CSH, is worth taking a look at.

3 Ways to Trade Forex News

This article provides some basic step-by-step methods you can employ today to trade strong moves in the Forex pairs when important economic news is announced.

Three Ways to Trade Forex News

TradingMarkets contributing writer John Jagerson provides some basic step-by-step methods traders and investors can employ to take advantage of news in the market.