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3 Ways to Trade Forex News

This article provides some basic step-by-step methods you can employ today to take advantage of news in the forex market.

Using Calendar Spreads to Profit from a Bear Market

Calendar spreads, also known as time spreads, are useful when you are uncertain about the direction of the market but you want to implement an effective option hedge during periods of market volatility.

Stock Market Analysis and Fibonacci, Part 2

Our series on Fibonacci Analysis continues with a break down of the most common fibonacci tools used by analysts. In part 2, TradingMarkets contributor John Jagerson discusses fibonacci fans and retracements.

How I Trade Dead Cat Bounces, Part 2

Identifying a dead cat bounce is just part of the challenge. Forecasting the distance the stock will move following the pattern is also important. In the conclusion to our series, contributor John Jagerson shows you how to project price estimates.