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My Mentoring Program Will Improve Your Trading – And You Can Try It Risk Free

Announcing – A Comprehensive Private Mentoring Program With Larry Connors Dear Trader, Do you have a burning desire to improve your trading? Are you frustrated by inconsistent trading results, a lack of a structured trading plan, too many strategies (or not enough alpha producing strategies), not taking trades, not following trading rules, assuming too much […]

Current Market Symmetry

The SPX last had a -5.0% correction from the 2194 8/15/16 high to the 2084 low on 11/4/16, which was a pullback to the 12-month EMA. Trump was elected 11/8/16 and the index closed at 2140. There was an 8.6 year cycle leg date at 2016.825 which was 10/28/16 versus the 11/4/16 2084 low, and […]

Enhanced Trade Selection

The SPX bull market top in 2007 was 2,757 CD`s from the 3/24/00 bull market top, and this week is 2757 CD`s from that 2007 top preceding the “Panic of 2008”, so there is certainly long term symmetry. The SPX made 2120 cycle high on 2/25/15 and made a 2126 intraday high on 4/27/17 before […]

The Bigger Picture Remains the Increase in Volatility

Oversold but outside of the Nasdaq, not extremely oversold. I never like a market that goes down for no good reason. The best pullbacks occur with news, This market is not going down on any particular news and it feels like a large position is getting unwound. This was especially true on Friday in many […]

Learn to Use the Strongest Market Timing Indicator We Have Ever Created

On December 18, Larry Connors taught a new Volatility Spikes course and this is your opportunity to learn this strategy before it is no longer available the general public. Volatility Spikes™ is the one strategy that Larry considers to be the strongest he has ever created. Here is why: By using the VIX to pinpoint […]

For Serious Traders Only: A Turn-Key Solution for a Quantified Trading Business

For a limited time only, Connors Research is offering to you its full trading strategy and trading research library. This library will grow your trading business, making it simpler to manage, and potentially much more profitable. This is the final opportunity to gain access to all of our research. If you are looking to run […]