A Trading Podcast For You, Plus Further Data From The Alpha Formula

We have two ways to grow your trading knowledge this weekend. 

  1. Chris recently did a podcast which we thought would be of interest to you. The podcast was with Alpha Mind, a podcast a number of us listen to and very much respect.

The topics discussed include:

  • Understanding how markets behave.
  • Understanding our behavioral biases.
  • Finding approaches which enable you to generate Alpha against this background and context.
  • Creating quantitative systems and methods which enable successful monetization of these. 

We hope you enjoy and learn from Chris’s interview!


 2. The Alpha Formula Book Review Plus In-Depth Test Results

The Alpha Formula was recently reviewed by Felix Bertram of Bertram Solutions. His company has the ability to do high-level backtesting and he applied his quantitative knowledge and skills onto The Alpha Formula.

Until we were forwarded this review, we did not know Felix. Two things stand out to us.

  1. He gets it. Instead of focusing on any one strategy, he recognized that The Alpha Formula applies an approach of blending uncorrelated strategies to have capital allocated for the times markets rise, fall, and also when they go through times of stress. 
  2. His backtesting was professionally done. High-level backtesting is rare (as you know) and Felix did a great job, not only in backtesting the strategies, but also going deeper with the analytics into each strategy.

We hope you enjoy reading Felix’s review and learn from his data analysis.


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Upcoming Events

1. Holiday Sale

The TradingMarkets Holiday Sale Is Here!

As a Thank You for your support throughout the year, we are excited to announce our Holiday sale of 2019.

Friday, December 20 – Tuesday, December 31, books, guidebooks, and trading courses are on sale for up to 50% off.

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2. Free Python Programming For Traders Webinar

Learn Python To Develop High Performing Trading Strategies, In Only 10 Hours!

Join us for a free webinar on “How Programming in Python Can Improve Your Trading Results” next week.

Chris Cain and I will be holding a free webinar on how to program in Python on Monday, December 23 at 1:00 pm EST.

Attend the free webinar on Monday (or sign up to receive the recording). You’ll be on the path to joining the tens of thousands of professional traders around the world who work for major hedge funds and bank trading desks who do their systems testing and programming in Python.

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3. Free Webinar With Larry Connors, Plus Learn A New Trading Strategy

Join Quantitative Traders from around the globe learning The Next Forefront of Trading…

Quantamentals has become one of the hottest areas of trading for major hedge funds and traders throughout the world. 

Quantamentals combines fundamental analysis, technical analysis and quantitative analysis stacking the largest edges together with the objective of achieving higher returns.

Listen as Larry Connors teaches you why Quantamentals is on the forefront of trading and investing, and how it can make you a more successful trader and allow you to build better trading strategies.

Larry will also share with you the rules and historical test results of a high performing Quantamentals strategy you can apply immediately.

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Larry Connors and Chris Cain, CMT