Connors Research Traders Journal (Volume 58): Quantamentals – The Next Great Forefront Of Trading and Investing

The term “Quantamentals” is a fairly new term to the world of trading and investing. It’s also becoming one of the hottest areas for exciting and new research.

As we’ve mentioned before, we’re spending more and more time doing “Quantamental” research. The initial results have surpassed our highest expectations. There’s a lot of upside here.

Over the remainder of 2019 and beyond, we’ll be providing you with more and more of our Quantamental research including strategies, and our insights.

For today though, we want to make sure everyone starts from the same place and has a baseline understanding of what this new field is.

Below is a link to an article written by the Wall Street Journal that explains this in plain English (it requires a subscription to the WSJ). Even though Quantamentals are far deeper than what’s in this article, it will provide you with the introductory knowledge you need to be able to combine quant analysis, technical analysis and fundamental analysis with the objective of building new, superior performing trading and investing strategies

We’ve also included information from Morgan Stanley and Data Driven Investor for you to learn more.

Wall Street Journal – What Is ‘Quantamental’ Investing?

Morgan Stanley – Quantamental Investing: The Future Is Now

Data Driven Investor – The Future of Investing is Quantamental

We hope you enjoy these articles. There’s a lot more coming from us in the near future on this subject. This includes an upcoming free webinar we’re holding on Monday, September 16 (see the details below).

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