Dollar revisits lows as EUR/USD tests 1.4800

It’s not unusual to get mixed signals as prices rise to significant highs or lows.

Today is one of those days as the dollar has sold off from the bounce to 76.00 and has been — as expected — sold off and nearing prior support at 75.00. The dollar was able to stay above the “00” after attempts at 76.14 and 76.15.

The 74.97 low was set on November 9th.

The EUR/USD has pierced the 1.4800 to a high of 1.4814 but quickly sold off as the dollar found support at 75.22 – just two ticks from the “20” minor psychological level. Now trading below the 4800 level, the EUR/USD is pulling back slightly as there is no clear signal that the dollar is ready to tackle 75.50.

Interesting though is the break on the 30 minute chart of the EUR/USD. Prices has broke the uptrend line support of a rising wedge. This is an aggressive short entry with current support holding up prices at 1.4780.

The Dow has given the carry trades some reprieve this morning as the Dow is up +94 points an hour into the trading day. Prices have once again been pushed up through 13,000 but a look at the daily chart clearly shows that the Dow has a steep climb ahead to break the downtrend.

Why is the market up today? Crude is up +2.00 and XOM is up +3.10 along with it. Following suit, the dollar-yen found support at the 109.80 minor psychological number and has found buyers up through 110.00.

The 110.50 to 110.60 area will be watched closely for upside follow through in the USD/JPY as most intraday resistance is waiting there.

A couple other charts to look at while the dollar sits at 75.37 today, down -0.40 are the USD/CAD and USD/CHF.

The intrday 30 minute dollar-canada is trading within a symmetrical triangle with 0.9750 support to the downside and resistance at 0.9850.

The dollar-swissy is testing this morning support at 1.1067 with resistance at 1.1100 overhead — which if broken could trigger a break of the falling wedge pattern. (shown below)