Semiconductors, Safety Stocks Oversold, Gold Miners Overbought: 7 ETFs You Need to Know for Friday

Recent strength has reduced the number of top rated exchange-traded funds heading into trading on Friday. Potential sources of quality pullbacks may be found in the semiconductors and retail sectors, with ETFs from both sectors earning top PowerRatings as of Thursday’s close.

Here are 7 ETFs You Need to Know for Friday

The highest rated country fund ETF in our database ahead of Friday’s open is the ^EWT^. EWT has maintained a top PowerRating despite closing modestly higher over the past three trading days.

Edging higher over the past two sessions, the ^SMH^ (below) remains a top rated fund heading into trading on Friday.

SMH chart

Shares of SMH have closed below their 5-day moving average for six days in a row.

Bouncing after a four-day pullback, the ^RTH^ are set to open with top PowerRatings Friday morning. The ETF had closed in oversold territory above the 200-day moving average for every day of its pullback.

Among the most overbought exchange-traded funds in our database is the ^GDX^ (below).


GDX earned our lowest PowerRatings for a second day in a row as the fund becomes increasingly overbought.

The ^XLP^ was on our list of ETFs yesterday and the fund’s top PowerRatings make it an ETF worth watching for traders looking to buy weakness and sell strength.

XLP chart

XLP had closed lower for four days in a row before edging higher on Thursday. The ETF remains below its 5-day moving average and is oversold above the 200-day.

Among the most-widely traded ETFs, the highest rated is the ^XLI^. XLI has earned PowerRatings of 8 for the past two days in a row and is just outside of overbought territory.

The biggest PowerRatings upgrade in leveraged ETFs heading into Friday’s session is the three-point upgrade in the ^TZA. TZA pulled back for a second day in a row on Thursday, closing at its most oversold in more than a week.

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