The Big Saturday Interview with Fire Your Stock Analyst! author, Harry Domash, Part 2

Editor’s Note: The following is a Big Saturday Interview from our archives with trader and author Harry Domash and conducted by David Penn. Enjoy!

Click here to access this week’s Big Saturday Interview: Part 2 of our conversation with Harry Domash, author of Fire Your Stock Analyst!: Analyzing Stocks On Your Own (2nd Edition).

What is more important to a long term investor: a company’s earnings or a company’s revenues? What is “channel-stuffing” and why is it such a “red flag” for investors looking for the best companies to invest in? How can investors figure out the best time to invest in value stocks compared to growth stocks? And why is it so difficult for investors to try and invest in both at the same time?

These are some of the topics we address in the second half of our conversation with Harry Domash. After covering why he thinks fundamentals are important for long term investors in the first half of our interview, here in Part 2 Harry Domash turns more specifically to his own criteria for picking the kind of stocks that are ready to move higher over the long term.

Harry Domash also spends some time talking about his own strategy for using analyst sentiment to help find the kind of stocks that are either unloved (in the case of value stocks) or just beginning to draw the sort of attention that can fuel a stock’s rise in a relatively short period of time (in the case of growth stocks).

Harry Domash is an author, speaker and investor who runs, a website for investors looking for high-dividend investments, and, an online resource for beginners and others new to the world of stock investing. In addition to Fire Your Stock Analyst, Domash is the author of The Everything Online Investing Book.

To access the second half of our Big Saturday Interview with Harry Domash, click here.

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