The Inner Voice of Trading: The Big Saturday Interview with Michael Martin

Why is the concept of surrender critical to being a winning trader or investor? How can traders and investor deal with their own “emotional blind spots” when it comes to making the right decisions in the market?

These are the kind of questions asked and answered in The Inner Voice of Trading: Eliminate the Noise and Profit from the Strategies That Are Right for You, the new book by trader Michael Martin. Michael Martin is our guest this week for The Big Saturday Interview.

A professional trader for more than 20 years, widely published financial writer and trading educator at NYSSA, Michael Martin has dedicated the past 12 years to helping traders and active investors learn how to perform at their best. Through seminars and, now, in The Inner Voice of Trading, he draws on both his own experience as a trader and that of successful traders like Michael Marcus (a Market Wizard) and Bill Dunn, to reveal what it takes on an emotional level to trade and invest successfully over time – regardless of your individual trading “style.”

Writes Michael Martin:

“Discipline is just acting in accordance with your goals or your agreements with other people, despite the strong impulse to act otherwise. It all comes down to integrity, whether you use a computer to run your model or not.”

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The Big Saturday Interview is now available as an audio file. To access the audio interview with trader Michael Martin of, author of The Inner Voice of Trading, click the link below.

The Inner Voice of Trading: The Big Saturday Interview with Trader Michael Martin

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