Investing Strategies for Short Term Traders: The Spring 2012 Swing Trading College

Why is the Swing Trading College the most popular course ever offered by TradingMarkets?

Here are some of the ways former and returning alums have described their weeks as students in the Swing Trading College:

“…put it all together in a systematic way …”

“… completely changed the way I look at the markets …”

“… nothing is left to chance …”

The 12 weeks of the Swing Trading College will provide you with more than just a catalog of objective, quantified, easy-to-understand trading strategies (although there’s plenty of that). Led by former New York Stock Exchange trader and current Education Director for The Machine, Phil Suarez, the Spring 2012 Swing Trading College will show you how to treat short-term, swing trading as part of a broader, more rewarding process of long-term investing. This includes learning critical portfolio-building and risk management strategies for stocks and ETFs – all geared toward helping you execute your individual trading and investing plan with the efficiency and skill of a hedge fund pro.

And for the first time ever, ETF Day trading strategies will be a part of the Swing Trading College. An excellent way to diversify a portfolio, ETF day trading strategies were among the best performing strategies during the second half of 2011 when many other strategies and money managers were underperforming.

Find out more about the Swing Trading College, now in its 7th year with more than 1,000 traders trained! Click the link below and join Phil Suarez on Wednesday for a free, all-questions-answered, online webinar all about the upcoming spring semester.

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