See the Trade, Take the Trade, Own the Strategy: The TradingMarkets Quantified Strategy Sale (FAS)

If you like trading leveraged ETFs like the ^FAS^ or trading high probability short term stock strategies based on buying low and selling high – or even if you just like the ability to time the market, trading extremes in fear and greed with e-minis, leveraged or non-leveraged ETFs or even options, then as far as your trading is concerned, this may be the most important week of the new year.

After Friday, February 11th, many of our most popular quantified trading strategies will be taken off the market forever. This includes our leveraged ETF trading course – the only quantified leveraged ETFs trading course we know of that is available to independent traders. This includes our long-running e-mini market timing course, which uses more than a dozen different data-driven strategies to help traders identify potential opportunities in overbought and oversold markets. This includes our VIX Options course, our high probability ETF Trading Seminar, and some of our more popular stock trading systems like Raptor and the 5x5x5.

In other words, TradingMarkets is hosting a quantified trading strategy sale for stocks and exchange-traded funds through this Friday. And whether you’ve come to know and appreciate these quantified trading strategies after learning about them in the Swing Trading College or in any one of a number of trading courses we’ve sponsored over the years – or just learning about these quantified systems and strategies this year – you’ll find the TradingMarkets quantified trading strategy sale to be a unique opportunity to own some of these powerful trading strategies before they are taken off the market forever.

To learn more about the TradingMarkets quantified trading strategy sale – and to see a complete list of the systems and strategies available – contact your Account Manager at the number below.

Remember, the sale ends this Friday. So be sure to call your Account Manager at 1-888-484-8220 ext. 1 (international: 1-973-494-7311, ext. 1) today.

David Penn is Editor in Chief of